Monday, December 01, 2008

2008 - Oskar Ossian

DN Headline:

  • Swedish - Kraftiga skillnader på utgifter för skolmaten
  • English - Big difference in expenses for school food

Comments: I know for a fact that most of you never Comment on my posts and I can guess most of you (if you’re like my husband) never even notice the Comments section. But, if you check yesterday’s Comment section, you’ll find one from Dan Bloom, “this guy” I was talking about yesterday when I posted this:

Publicity stunt?: Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But I could almost get behind this guy. (I don’t think it’s the answer, though.) Sue world leaders $1 billion for global warming?

Dan says it’s a wake-up call; an alarm bell for the future. Got it! And that is TOTALLY something I can get behind. I think it’s a wonderful and audacious (to use a word that has come into our collective consciousness lately, due to Obama) gesture. If we can’t get Bush impeached for some of the crap he has pulled (laws he has broken), suing wouldn’t be bad. :)

Here is one of Dan’s comments under the Reuters article that I completely agree with!!:

A top scientist at Stanford University told me today re this lawsuit: “You are like Don Quixote here tilting at windmills, but it’s a useful effort. We each add grains of sand and hope for a landslide.”

Thanks for your comments, Dan, and – good luck!! EVERY voice speaking out is useful!

He also commented on the blood pudding post, saying they have it in Taiwan where he lives, too! Who knew?!? :) Well, I suppose they have it in most countries, although I can’t remember seeing it in a store in the U.S.

Hasse says… : to be sure and let y’all know that Sweden won the World Cup in golf! Yippee!! Sweden in stunning World Cup win “Robert Karlsson and Henrik Stenson overturned a three-shot deficit to seal a dramatic World Cup victory for Sweden at Mission Hills in China. “ Way to rock it, Sweden!!

My handyman… : stopped by this weekend and built a little hat rack for all the baseball caps we had piled up on the umbrella stand in the basement. OK, it’s a cap rack then. And since I didn’t manage to get a picture of it until after he filled it up, you can’t SEE it. In fact, I haven't seen it! But those caps ain't hangin' in mid-air! :)

From Time Numbers, Dec. 1: “50% - Percentage of primary-care doctors who say they would quit the profession if they could, according to a new survey by the Physicians’ Foundation.” WOW! The last thing we need is less doctors! An article about it - Many Physicians Would Quit - gives some of the reasons:

  • feeling besieged by their job due to the red tape generated by health maintenance organizations (HMO), as well as government agencies (the amount of time they spent on dealing with non-clinical paperwork has risen by no less than 63% in the last 36 months)
  • difficulty in receiving reimbursement from insurance companies
  • unhappy they can't spend more time with their patients, which is why they went into primary care in the first place

Eeeeeew!: Lake turned red by cyanobacteria (Notice the airplane's shadow to get a feeling of the scope.) cyanobacteria defined

These give me a stomach ache:

Bush’s 11th-Hour Bid for Secrecy

Republicans were aghast in 2001 to discover that President Bill Clinton’s staff allegedly had dropped the “W” from White House computer keyboards. Frat house stuff. George W. Bush has left a legacy significantly more troubling, measured by the breakdown of normal government processes, as well as of constitutional guarantees and practices. We watch last-minute rushes to implement new administrative rules, to transform and burrow political appointees into tenured civil servants, to further weaken environmental safeguards, to shift public funds to a desired end, and to lay down policy declarations to leave the current administration’s successors bound or embarrassed until they are undone.

Guerra Reveals Evidence
Guerra unveils why his investigation led him to the Vice President

(for the week before last)

4 servicemembers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan this past week.
5 the week before that.
The total number of allied troops killed in Iraq now totals 4,521.
For the same week, there were 134 Iraqi civilian deaths.

And, ABC News says…
“In a personal and wide-ranging interview conducted
by his sister about his legacy, his faith and the
influence of his father,
President George W. Bush said he hopes to be
remembered as a liberator of the Iraqi people

Hmmmm… I wonder if the nearly 100,000
documented civilian Iraqi dead people
feel liberated.


dan said...

danny here again, thanks for comments and glad you understand my silly lawsuit better now. i am not the suing kind. But this symbolic lawsuit, yes, it's for waking up those who are still sleepwalking.......will it do any good? let's see. i am getting lots of angry hate mail now...from skeptics and denialists....who say global warming is a hoax...omigod...!

i have a relationshio with sweden, not only was Bergman my great film hero, but i also loved liv ullman and still do and i once met her at a broadway show in NYC, waited outsde the stage door to say THANK YOu to her and goodluck, break a leg, etc.....and then i also lived on the Aff Chapman sailboat youth hostel in stockholm in 1971 summer, and went to Uppsala to hear an opera, and was suppoed to visit Gotenberg where my good friend Steffan Fennander lives, i met him while he was playing Bob Dylan songs on his guitar in Rome subway stations passing the hat, and we became lifelong friends 1969 and then i took the ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki on my way to Moscow by train and here I am at 60 in Taiwan, go figure.....

Nikki said...

Don't let the naysayers get you down!

Fun that you have so much history with Sweden! And, btw, the af Chapman was recently taken away and renovated. But now it's back - better than ever, I assume! You can always see her on the middle webcam here, in case you weren't aware of it:

Well, it's easier to see when it's daylight here, of course...

Anyway, you have been one traveling dude! You must have lots of stories to tell. :)